Street Children in Ecuador


UBECI's mission is to provide at-risk and working children with academic and social support, reintegration into schools, medical attention and family visits. UBECI goes where other help for these children doesn't exist. We develop and carry out programs that build self-esteem and encourage social participation where the children live and work.


logo-2016-5UBECI (United to Benefit Ecuadorian Children International) Foundation is both a non-profit and non-governmental organization operating in Quito, Ecuador since 1999. The UBECI team works directly with street children in the markets of Southern Quito. We promote educational and recreational activities for the street children to help develop their cognitive, motor, and socio-affective skills.

Street children are exposed with minimal protection to the harshest elements of physical, social, and economic environments. This life is absent of supervision, education, nurturance, and security. As street children grow up in this environment, the street becomes their “home” and in turn, their values are shaped into a “street ethic”. This specific context means that street children are absent from the two most important institutions of socialization, the family and school.

According to UNICEF, 40.7% of children and adolescents in Ecuador are living in situations of poverty. UBECI has been working directly with these children since 1999 in order to provide them the opportunity to succeed in school and in life.

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